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Your Producers

Jonna Page, co-producer
Jonna Page

Jonna has taught pole dance at some of the most well-known aerial fitness studios in all of Texas for over ten years. She has a shared love for comedy and pole and is a cofounder of PunchlineATX along with coproducer Claire Dubiel. PunchlineATX is an event production company that completely sold out their first show, Punchline at the Pole, in August of this year.

Instagram: @allegedlyjonna
Venmo: @jonna-page
CashApp: $JonnaPage

Claire Dubiel

Claire co-founded Punchline ATX alongside co-producer Jonna Page in 2023. Together, they share a mutual love for comedy and pole dance. When she’s not performing in sky-high 8″ heels, you can find Claire taking her pup to the dog park or being active in the Austin comedy scene.

Instagram: @clairedubiel
Venmo: @pole4tips

CashApp: $pole4tips

Pole Performers

Shiloh Nichole, pole performer

Shiloh has been learning pole since 2012 and has been teaching for 10 years. She currently teaches choreography and advanced pole at Inner Diva Studios. She’s won multiple pole competitions as well as performed with artist such Dave Chapelle and Snoop Dogg.

Take a class with Shiloh Monday through Wednesdays at Inner Diva Studios! Schedule here.

Register for Shiloh’s Signature Glow Pole Party workshop at Inner Diva Studios! Sign up here.
Upcoming Glow Pole Party dates
– March 2nd, 2024
– April 6th, 2024

Instagram: @shi_Nichole
Venmo: @shilohnichole
CashApp: $shilohnichole

CJ, pole performer

CJ is a multidisciplinary aerial straps artist based out of Austin, TX. Get out your singles (and single friends) because CJ and Claire are excited to debut their interpretation of Santa and Vixen presents: “Make it Rein-deer”. 🦌🤑💸💸💸

Instagram: @cjttpfitness

Amber, pole performer

Have you ever shat your pants from the echo of an enthusiastic heel clack? If not, BITCH, TODAYS THE DAY. This next performer will snatch your attention with her floor fuckin, ass shakin and sassy attitude. Let’s give a good ‘ol “YEEHAW MOTHERFUCKER” to welcome the Clack Queen herself, Amber AKA The Pole Gremlin.

Instagram: @thepolegremlin
Venmo: @amber-bednarski
CashApp: $AmberBednarski

Jojo, pole performer
jasmine pole dancer

JoJo (Jasmine) has been training pole for five years and flying pole for three years. She teaches Level 1 & 2 classes at the Jungle Movement Academy and Inner Diva Studios. She participates in several aerial cabaret shows in Austin and loves the community of women that pole has brought her to.

Instagram: @thepoleblog
Venmo: @JasmineOwen23

Skin, pole performer

Skin is a part-time pole dancer, full-time freak, and professional dominatrix extraordinaire.

Instagram: @skinvsmetal
Venmo: @skinvsmetal
CashApp: $skinvsmetal


Carly anderson, COMEDIAN & Host

Carly Anderson is a comedian and sketch writer. She’s a wildly relatable experience with a twist of wtf.

Instagram: @icarlyreboot

Venmo: @icarlyreboot

Lauren Compton, COMEDIAN
lauren compton

Lauren Compton is the host of comedy podcast  ‘First Date with Lauren Compton’ hosted on by YHM Studios. YMH, or also known as Your Moms House, is also known for popular podcasts such as 2 Bears, 1 Cave, Where My Mom’s at with Christina Pazsitzky, and Tom Segura’s podcast.
Instagram: @IAmLaurenCompton

Venmo: @IamLaurenCompton

Arielle Isaac Norman, COMEDIAN
arielle isaac norman

True to her name, native Texan Arielle Isaac Norman is a couth, gender-flexing, blue-eyed five-star lesbian strewing eccentrically reasonable punchlines on the Austin comedy scene since 2015. Crass and contemplative, Arielle’s act famously expands and contracts to charm whatever space she’s in, whether it’s the Moontower Comedy Festival, underground speakeasies, or her own weekly Gay Enough show. Arielle is creator and host of the cult favorite Gender Fluids Podcast and M.C. of her beloved interactive showcase, Hecklers Wanted, where audience members are rewarded for quality heckles. When not rock climbing or taking dancing classes, Arielle can be found solving the culture war by interviewing lefties and righties, tops and bottoms, fluids and squares for her current passion project, the Politically Non-binary podcast.

Arielle was the first person from the Austin comedy scene invited to be a guest panelist on Tony Hinchfliffe’s live Kill Tony show. She has performed at many comedy festivals, including Limestone, Skankfest, Moontower, and Laughing Skull, and was a finalist in the Funniest Person in Austin contest in both 2018 and 2019.

Arielle has opened for Louis CK, Maria Bamford, and Tim Dillon.Instagram: @EllenDegenderless

Venmo: @gayarielle
CashApp: $Relmrmn

uncle lazer
uncle lazer

Uncle Lazer aka your mom’s favorite comedian fresh out the oilfield and ready to blow out backs, pumping out all the raunchy comedy and everything in-between. From terrible sexual experiences to an absolutely knee slapping unapologetic feel good stories of coming up in south. Kill Tony favorite and absolute internet sensation, Uncle Lazer is here to for a good time, but not a long time. So hide your mom and let’s rage.

Instagram: @uncle_lazer

Venmo: @UncleLazerLLC

lukas mccrary, COMEDIAN
Lukas McCrary

Originally from East Tennessee, Lukas is an Austin, TX-based comedian.  His stand-up was featured on Netflix’s 20 Somethings, and he has performed at SXSW and Skankfest.  On Instagram and TikTok, his comedy has been seen over 7 million times.  He has worked with numerous headliners including Tim Dillon, Maria Bamford, and Brian Simpson. In Austin, Lukas successfully auditioned to be in the first class of comedians at Joe Rogan’s club, the Comedy Mothership.

Instagram: @Lukaswmc

Venmo: @Lukas-McCrary
CashApp: $LukasMcCray