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Your Producers

Jonna Page, co-producer & Pole Performer
Jonna Page

Jonna has taught pole dance at some of the most well-known aerial fitness studios in all of Texas for over ten years. She has a shared love for comedy and pole and is a cofounder of PunchlineATX along with coproducer Claire Dubiel. PunchlineATX is an event production company that completely sold out their first show, Punchline at the Pole, in August of this year.

Instagram: @allegedlyjonna
Venmo: @jonna-page
CashApp: $JonnaPage

Take a pole dance class at Inner Diva with Jonna. Schedule here.

6pm – Spin Pole (Level 2)

8pm – Sensual Pole Flow

Claire Dubiel, CO-PRODUCER
Claire Dubiel

Claire co-founded Punchline ATX alongside co-producer Jonna Page in 2023. Together, they share a mutual love for comedy and pole dance. When she’s not performing in sky-high 8″ heels, you can find Claire taking her pup to the dog park or being active in the Austin comedy scene.

Instagram: @clairedubiel
Venmo: @pole4tips

CashApp: $pole4tips

Pole Performers

Amber Pole Gremlin, pole performer

Hold on to your butts! This next performance will have you hootin’ and hollerin’ for more. If you’re familiar with this duo, you know there will be no shortage of laughter, booty pops and sass. If you’re truly ready for this treat, please welcome to the stage Amber Miller AKA The Pole Gremlin and Lindsey Dement.

Instagram: @thepolegremlin
Venmo: @amber-bednarski
CashApp: $AmberBednarski

Take Amber’s Dynamic Heels class at Revolt every Sunday at 2:30pm! Revolt schedule here

Floorgasm on Tuesdays and Haus of Clacks on Wednesdays! SoFly Social Schedule here

Jordan Kensley, pole performer

Ladies and Gentlemen, Jordan Kensley comes to us on her way to the east coast. Also know in the Los Angeles burlesque scene as “Jesus in a GString” you’re about to be blessed. Her performance style has been compared to a high speed roller coaster ride that includes sudden and dramatic acceleration, climbing, tilting, dropping and touching. 

Humans, wallets and pocketbooks, please welcome Jordan Kensley!

Take Jordan’s Workshops at Inner Diva Studios Sunday April 21st!

BACK TO THE FUTURE; Pole Tricks Past & Present – 4/21 1-3pm Sign up here!

Embrace Your Sinful Side with Greed – Deadly Sins Choreography – 4/21  3:30-5:30pm Sign up here!

Venmo: @jordankensley
Cash App: $jordankensley

Skin, pole performer

Skin is a part-time pole dancing sensualist, full-time freak, and beloved dominatrix terrorizing a man near you.

Instagram: @skinvsmetal
Venmo: @skinvsmetal
CashApp: $skinvsmetal

Shiloh Nichole, pole performer

Shiloh has been learning pole since 2012 and has been teaching for 10 years. She currently teaches choreography and advanced pole at Inner Diva Studios. She’s won multiple pole competitions as well as performed with artist such Dave Chapelle and Snoop Dogg.

Take a class with Shiloh Monday through Wednesdays at Inner Diva Studios! Schedule here.

Register for Shiloh’s Signature Glow Pole Party workshop at Inner Diva Studios! Sign up here.

Instagram: @shi_Nichole
Venmo: @shilohnichole
CashApp: $shilohnichole


Davey Jackson, host & comedian

Davey Jackson is a stand up comedian and content creator based in San Antonio, TX. His real life stories about growing up as a homeschooled cult survivor turned drug addict will have you laughing all night long.

Davey is also the host of the weekly livestream “Friends with Davey” on his popular YouTube channel and has amassed a large following on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram for his hilarious short videos, which have been featured extensively, including appearances on the Daily Wire.

Davey has performed with numerous popular comedians including Pauly Shore, Tim Dillon, Mark Normand, Nimesh Patel, Jeff Dye, Adam Ray, and more!

Instagram: @daveyjax
Venmo: @daveyjax
CashApp: $daveycomedy

Matt ross, COMEDIAN

Originally from Oklahoma City, Matt started his comedy career in South Florida. Winning over crowds with his combination of charm, self deprecation, and story telling – he’s very quickly made a name for himself in the comedy world. He’s shared the stage with big names in comedy such as Tiffany Haddish, Shane Gillis, Doug Stanhope, and Damon Wayans Jr., just to name a few. He’s performed in clubs and theaters all over the country and is currently touring with his very own tour, The Dirty Talk Comedy Tour. His stand up videos have racked up millions of views online and so has his podcast, the Triple F Podcast. Come see Matt while he’s in your city and see why he’s taking the comedy world by storm!

Instagram: @mattrosscomic
Venmo: @mattrosscomic

Lauren Compton, COMEDIAN
lauren compton

Lauren Compton is the host of comedy podcast  ‘First Date with Lauren Compton’ hosted on by YHM Studios. YMH, or also known as Your Moms House, is also known for popular podcasts such as 2 Bears, 1 Cave, Where My Mom’s at with Christina Pazsitzky, and Tom Segura’s podcast.

Instagram: @IAmLaurenCompton

Venmo: @IamLaurenCompton

Ali Mula, comedian

Ali Musa is a standup comedian who has been performing comedy for over 10 years. He was voted best comedian in Tucson, Arizona 2020. Has opened for names like Joey Coco Diaz, Doug Stanhope, and Maz Jabrani. He continues to bring his high energy to stages all over Texas and the rest of the country.

Instagram: @ali_musa
Venmo: @ali-musa-2

Rachel Wolfson, COMEDIAN

Rachel Wolfson is a Los Angeles-based standup comedian. Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Rachel began her comedy career in LA in 2016 and since then has toured the country with her brand of high humor. Wolfson’s comedic style is a hybrid of crowd work and the dry humor of her day-to-day life. You can see her in February 2022 in the fourth installment of the Jackass franchise “Jackass Forever” as a new cast member. Rachel also performs standup nightly so follow her on social media to catch a show.

Instagram: @rachelwolfson
Venmo: @wolfiecomedy

Bianca Parato, COMEDIAN

Originally from St. Louis, MO, Bianca Parato is one of the most influential comedians and producers in Austin, TX. Bianca has produced and hosted shows in top venues such as The Creek and The Cave, Vulcan Gas Company, Sunset Strip Comedy, Speakeasy, Pershing, Native Hostile, etc. She has worked with some of the biggest names in comedy including Craig Robinson, Neal Brennan, Shapel Lacey, and more.

Check the calendar for upcoming Laugh Higher shows here!

Instagram: @biancaparato
Venmo: @biancaparato